Wednesday, February 28

moustache on sachar's blog post!!!

Tuesday, February 27

dancing with Renoirs

dancing with The Cars

dancing with the jars

dancing with the Lars

dancing with cigars

dancing with the SARS

Sunday, February 25

Rock-it Ship

Thursday, February 22

this cat turns into a dog when you're not looking

Wednesday, February 21

(click on it)

dunkin' donosaur

Tuesday, February 20


Monday, February 19

Friday, February 16

captain fancy peas

Thursday, February 15

this is a SAD lamp in the shape of a girlfriend.

Wednesday, February 14

Saturday, February 10

I don't know what this is.
they're fighting?
or dancing?

cat bait, for shark fishing

Friday, February 9


"Right???" -NailTV staff

Wednesday, February 7

donovan phone

Tuesday, February 6

(the two in the back get to wear crowns because they are going to die in the worst way.)

Monday, February 5

newspapers with TVs in them so that when you're on the subway you can watch the news instead of reading it, and also watch Flavor of Love.

a cancer gun

cookie & friend

Sunday, February 4

Sven diagrams

Saturday, February 3

four-finger ringpop.

Friday, February 2


Emergency buttholes.

(In case of emergencies.)

The Penultimate Solution

Thursday, February 1

pretzel covered chocolates.

Mexercise: a simulation of illegally crossing the border marketed as a fitness program