Friday, March 30

30 Seconds to Blog

Jordan Catalano flavored gum

Wednesday, March 28

W.E.B. DuBlog

it's like-
Day 1: finished writing The Souls of Black Folk. I think this one's gonna be huge.
Day 2: left Harvard Alumni dinner early to go play cards with Booker T.
Day 3: finally got started on those What Would W.E.B. DuB Do stickers I've been meaning to make. Hah, doo-bee-doo. Awesome.
Day 4: freed the slaves. jk.

Tuesday, March 27

an army of fun sun fun in the sun

Monday, March 26

Friday, March 23

Thursday, March 22

so Red Delicious was like "tonight we dine IN STEREO" and then Golden Delicious stabbed him 'cause he thinks that that band is total fags-- and if there's one thing Golden Delicious hates, it's being called a fag in front of Granny Smith.

Tuesday, March 20

World War Tea for Two

Monday, March 19

this is how you got him to take his medicine.

Thursday, March 15

pizza & spa

(this invention is maggie's. I posted it on her behalf because she was too something, or whatever.)

Wednesday, March 14

this is where babies come from

Friday, March 9

*shown here with optional GrillZ

Wednesday, March 7

-spoiler alert-
if you don't know how this trick works STOP THINKING RIGHT NOW

Tuesday, March 6

vampire state building

Monday, March 5

technically a vegetable, which means I can eat it.

Popcorn Porno

(Like Spaghetti Western. Some obvious differences.)

Friday, March 2

(Swan is not a vampire- he just works in the dining hall. He is not the one who messed up all the cups.)

Thursday, March 1

LL Cool Bean