Thursday, May 31

scene from the upcoming thriller If Books Could Kill (They Would Kill Other Books)

Wednesday, May 30

I found that on youtube today.

(in all fairness, the video provides some context, but still, MrHairyNutz should watch what he says about paying for kids that he found on the internet.)

Tuesday, May 22

shredderick douglass

Monday, May 21

someone who should've known better asked me what my biggest fear is. anyway, it's this:

Friday, May 18

if it's not taken already, I think this should be the emoticon for "can't right now... busy giving head."

Wednesday, May 16

Don Juan: Masta'don elephant (juan)

Tuesday, May 15

oldbot (I loved you once.)

Monday, May 14

my salad days of youth

Thursday, May 10

Wednesday, May 9

someone finally thought of doing this.

Tuesday, May 8

someone should invent a way for the 24th and 25th street exits of the uptown C/E station to not be constantly blanketed by used condoms and human feces.

just sayin.

Monday, May 7

Friday, May 4

this is your present. I am a bad sister.

Thursday, May 3


Wednesday, May 2

philly cheesecake

* for more disgusting amazing food inventions, check out
max silvestri's interspace web area.