Friday, January 2

mad men

congratulations, you're married to niles leonard.

Sunday, November 16

Friday, October 17

dressing up

it's time for more pro-tips from gabe and max!

science doesn't even know how they stay so cool while looking so hot, and science knows EVERYTHING.

[ this video is brought to you by the online part of Details Magazine. ]

Thursday, October 16

growing up

a year ago I hated both children and lobster, but now that I'm older I love this:


Tuesday, October 7

pray for mojo

who took the jam out of the narrator's doughnut? seriously, he is so annoyed. anyway, this cements my belief that any time something is about a monkey, it's racist.

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family matters

BOSTON, Oct. 2 (UPI) -- A dog eating a watermelon helped cause a Boston man to repeatedly stab himself to prove to his brother he wasn't afraid of pain, police say.

A police report said the two unidentified brothers got into an argument this week after a dog belonging to one of the men consumed a watermelon owned by his brother, the Boston Herald said Thursday.

Tuesday's argument over the missing watermelon escalated into a shouting match between the siblings that allegedly caused one brother to repeatedly stab himself in order to show he didn't care if he got hurt, police say.


seriously though, GO SOX!

Friday, October 3


this guy used craigslist to Thomas Crown Affair a Bank of America!!1!

his getaway car was an innertube! he floated down Freedom Creek in an innertube with all of the money, and nobody stopped him.

"so then we're like, 'hmmm...'"

all of the awards. everyone involved with this, every award.

with friends like these, who needs Michigan

politics, whatever. no one comes here for that (or at all, for anything.) I'm only even doing this to say that if you send five dollars to my webpage, I will personally make you a t-shirt that says I GOT RAPED BY SARAH PALIN AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS BUTTHOLE CANCER and also that I will give your five dollars back if you promise to wear it.

email for details.

act fast, supplies are completely retarded.

Wednesday, October 1

colonel panic

get it?

we're married.

that is a picture of my husband, taken right after he broke my other computer a few days ago by shooting the inside of it with guns.

Friday, September 26

weather report

rain forever with a chance that it will keep raining after the first rain never stops.

this is like the time that guy said "I'm no weather man, but I'd say you're gettin' ten inches tonight..." to that girl.

because I'm also not a weatherman.