Monday, April 30

Friday, April 27

PenPlace: A Place for Pens

Thursday, April 26

Teens, B.C.

Wednesday, April 25

def mute

Tuesday, April 24

Monday, April 23

a jokes-about-tragedies meter

Friday, April 20

(exclusively airs World Series of Poker and Celebrity Poker Showdown)

Thursday, April 19


this is how they met.

Wednesday, April 18

(this is not a good idea.)

Tuesday, April 17


Friday, April 13

Thursday, April 12


Wednesday, April 11

a version of the B.I.G song Notorious that uses the name Soterios instead, and puts Carl Kasell where Puff Daddy should be.

Tuesday, April 10

my kitchen, replaced enhanced by lasers.

1. LAZR whisk
2. LAZR masher
3. LAZR egg slicer
4. LAZR ice cream scoop
5. LAZR peeler
6. LAZR pizza wheel
7. LAZR apple corer
8. LAZR cheese slicer

Monday, April 9

this is a private joke about cardboard boxes and a board meeting.

(you deserve better?)

Thursday, April 5

Wednesday, April 4

facts machine
(seen here in its natural habitat, an office)

Monday, April 2

(my sister invented this in her brain, and then I invented it on my computer.)

Sunday, April 1

the easiest way to make a bomb is by putting bullets in the toaster.