Friday, September 26

weather report

rain forever with a chance that it will keep raining after the first rain never stops.

this is like the time that guy said "I'm no weather man, but I'd say you're gettin' ten inches tonight..." to that girl.

because I'm also not a weatherman.

Tuesday, September 23

concert review

The show took place, in a place where shows are held. It was good, except for the second half, and some of the first half. After the show ended everyone left, but they didn't all go to the same place, which is fine because not everyone showed up together or knew each other. I am guessing some of them went home, and probably others went to a bar, or to meet up with friends. I think I saw a couple hailing a cab out front, but there is no way to know where they went after that. One thing I do know, though, is that the show cost ten dollars and that most people paid to get in. –SCM

[look for this review in a local paper very soon]

Wednesday, September 17

hot dog machine

this does what a blender does, but to hotdogs.

he can't wait to try it, it looks so good!