Monday, July 30

shorties bloggin' shorties

Day 48: Just got fingers... thought I'd start a blog. Nothing to report really, just that it's getting a little gross in here and I'm hungry all the time. There was another dude in here with me, but I ate him. That is how hungry I am all the time. In any case, my internet's been generally spotty but I'll try to come back and update this thing when I can.

Oh wait, this is something: I think there's a drum machine in my chest. But like, a tiny one.... I don't know, it's weird. That story's still developing, but I'll keep you posted.

'Till next time!


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Friday, July 20

that I have any friends at all completely astounds me.

Thursday, July 19

this is the story of a single father whose son accidentally sets the house on fire over and over again, and it's nice because it's like they're going up in flames, but also like they're growing up together for the first time, all over again.

but yeah, the kid keeps setting the house on fire which is, you know, problematic.

Wednesday, July 18

this movie is about a wacky developer who is forced to build a condo on top of a haunted mental institution, when the state refuses to sell him the land.

Tuesday, July 17

this is a movie about a family of convicts who is on the run in a hot air balloon.

Monday, July 16

this is a horror movie about people getting stuck on an escalator during a blackout.

Tuesday, July 10

game on.

if, like me, you've spent a lot of time and quarters on the game Erotic Photo Hunt, you live in Brooklyn, and you usually can't tell/don't care about the difference between street art and garbage, then your day has come:


answers here.

you're welcome.

Monday, July 9

this is a business I'm thinking about starting.

Monday, July 2

Today, for the first time ever, there was a message waiting for me in the Mailbag They Should Invent:

"... a battery powered television that is powered by a child riding a stationary bicycle. Then you could let little Johnny watch as much TV as he wanted as long as he was peddling. We wouldn’t have such fat children." -C. McMullen

Given what I know about bikes and electricity, I'm pretty sure this is exactly right and will definitely work.

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