Monday, July 30

shorties bloggin' shorties

Day 48: Just got fingers... thought I'd start a blog. Nothing to report really, just that it's getting a little gross in here and I'm hungry all the time. There was another dude in here with me, but I ate him. That is how hungry I am all the time. In any case, my internet's been generally spotty but I'll try to come back and update this thing when I can.

Oh wait, this is something: I think there's a drum machine in my chest. But like, a tiny one.... I don't know, it's weird. That story's still developing, but I'll keep you posted.

'Till next time!


Mood: meh / bored =D
Currently Listening To: Radio-Activity, Kraftwerk


Unknown said...

Hey, that embryo's not blogging, he's on gchat. Wait he? She? Has all this been differentiated by day 48?

MOMO said...

looks like smallville is about to welcome one more resident (they'll have to change their population sign)

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