Tuesday, August 21

I wish that Lisa Frank had a blog, and that she wanted me to write for it

August 21, 2007

Dolphin dolphin swan. Cloudhorse rainbow purple pink! Pink swan unicorn cloud rainbow girlface raindrops candystore dolphin. Love! Palmtree cat panda, swan puppies puppies and teddy bear! LOL! But then penguin penguin iceberg, polar bear rainbow clouds, universe cosmos lightblue milkyway. Little girl horse neon. Purple and pink, dolphin panda wearing rollerblades. Binder binder backpack.... kittens!


Currently Listening To: Moby
Mood: Unicorn!


maggie said...

: )3

(smile on a bum)

leebrand said...

those hearts just gave me a seizure

edith said...

this is really good