Monday, October 8

I miss the old new york

eventually, I bought that 10 dollar digital camera they sell at Walgreens, which is fine because it's also a keychain and comes with a free USB cable, and I'm used to spending about 7 or 8 dollars on my keychains and like 15 dollars on my USBs, which means that Walgreens is actually paying me to accidentally take pictures of my keys and the insides of my pockets.

but here is another way to get a camera:

you are walking down the street and a family is taking pictures of itself in front of the Empire State Building (never forget) but the leader of the family is too busy taking the pictures to be in any of them and that is where you come in. you casually come up behind him and say "I'll take it" with a smile on, and you put your hands out and he puts the camera in your hands and you run away with it. this will always work because when he realizes that what you meant was "I'll take it [the camera, sir]" he discovers that you have done nothing wrong and he doesn't bother trying to get you into any trouble.

later, Mrs. leaves him but it's okay because you deleted the photos from their trip to New York a year and a half ago, so it's like this marriage never happened.

[I haven't tried this scam yet, but I am confident that there are no problems with it.]


nadstina said...

i am so going to try this when i go to times square to pick up my temp check tonight. brilliant!

viskussity said...

this is too much happy funtime. there's a wedding ring with your name on it inside my stomach. you best get in there and say yes.