Monday, November 26

life in the fast lane

[sometimes I talk to the radio.]

aren't you tired of waiting in line?
me: yes
commerical: don't you hate--
me: yes
commercial: wouldn't you--
me: yes
commercial: words about flying. flying. this is about flying on planes. airports, business-class, briefcase. legroom. we are talking about flying. so isn't it about time you--
me: yes
commercial: don't you think EZPass is so good?
me: yes, because I am tired of waiting in line.

commercial: do you want to blow-up an airport?
me: yes
commercial: do you want to blow-up an airport without getting caught?
me: yes
commercial: how about an airplane? do you want to blow-up an airplane?
me: yes
commercial: do you want to get caught?
me: yes. no. I mean, no. yes.
commercial: do you have a name, or a fake name that you know how to use?
me: yes
commercial: do you have a computer and a credit card and almost one hundred dollars?
me: yes
commercial: and you want to blow-up an airport, right?
me: yes, I especially do.
commercial: then for a businessman like you, the answer is clear.

"Somehow, we have to find common sense solutions that don't make everyone a suspect and create security bottlenecks everywhere we go. To be blunt, that means we need a fair, sensible way not to treat everyone the same when it comes to terrorism protection." -Creator/CEO

"It has allowed me to catch at least two flights I would have missed if I were not using the Clear lane."
J. V. - Member Since 2005

"Clear has given me back some control over a piece of the travel experience that can be very time consuming. My family thanks you!"
M. E. - Member Since 2005

"I'm white, so this works out for me."
E. W. - Member since 2007

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Anonymous said...

I'm excited for your new blog, Things They Have Invented. SO FAR SO GOOD.