Monday, November 12

tin foil hat

true fact number one about me: some most of my passwords are X-Files character names then some relevant number (duanebarry2X05 if you think you can write this newsletter better than I can.)

true fact about me number two: last night, when I heard a low rumble followed by a mid-to-high pitched whine from above, for a minute I thought with my real, working brain that it might be an invasion, before realizing that the people upstairs were just vacuuming.

related: this and this is what Saturn sounds like. you have to click through to listen because I didn't want to hotlink* audio from NASA.

in other news: congratulations, you're still in the running to maybe die a horrible firey death thousands of lightyears away from home.

1. I think it's called 2008 Space Korea.
2. I could watch those suits swim down from the rafters all day.

meanwhile, on equally important American reality TV:

anyway: this is how you make a thoughtscreen hat, and below is a treasure map to joining my cult.

as G.F. Wilson put it, "in space, no one can hear you scream."

(*hotlinking is like spacedocking, but for websites.)

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G. Schuyler Cadwalader said...

I wonder if, when people kneel and rise throughout the service, if they will do so in "the wave".