Friday, October 3


this guy used craigslist to Thomas Crown Affair a Bank of America!!1!

his getaway car was an innertube! he floated down Freedom Creek in an innertube with all of the money, and nobody stopped him.

"so then we're like, 'hmmm...'"

all of the awards. everyone involved with this, every award.


Anonymous said...

Dear inventor,

What a great scam.

This reminds me: I have an idea. It's it's a photoshopping idea, and it needs a front and back view of a man wearing stonewashed blue jeans and, well, that's the only important part. Blue jeans. Dancing posture optional. I'm not picky, but I am way less good at finding images than you.

Live from law school, this is a break from studying Contracts. It's 10:05pm on Saturday night.

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