Thursday, June 7

Facts about Inner Outer Space:
-it exists within every one of us, somewhere between the inner child and the inner demons
-it is how we got to the moon, unleashed the MARS rover
-it is why we say reach for the stars even though wtf, right?
-it is why we all I saw the movie Alien VS Predator
-it is the one thing that will ultimately fix mankind when the aliens arrive, cold and emotionless as the space-metal on their flying cars, wearing t-shirts that say My only inner Earth is the one I killed and ate... ZORG!, shouting with an incurable bloodlust: Hey Earthlings- R U READY 2 GET FUCT?!??!, pounding beer after beer, and killing us all as we try to explain that our love and understanding is as vast and endless as the tiny universe inside us all.


leebrand said...

the truth is in there

G. Schuyler Cadwalader said...

Reaching for the stars is futile. Everyone knows that.

Anonymous said...

My Uranus hurts.

sachar said...

@ quazar:

buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo...