Thursday, September 27

NEW-nited YAY-tions*

*sometimes I wish I could beat myself up.

losing sleep! makeshift hall! NOT GOOD ENOUGH, Moon. luckily, I have like ten ideas, and you (world) have the 1.88 billion dollars and seven years I need to realize them.

idea number one
throw this in the garbage:

and build one of these:

because tires are cheap, and you can find them almost anywhere.

idea number two
take out all of the boring stuff and books and podiums, and try having some fun for a change!

clockwise from left: cafeteria, arcade, war room 1, general assembly bridge, batting cage, war room 2, pogo lounge, gun locker, cafeteria.

idea number three
turn this:

the Captain Kirk Memorial Zero-Gravity General Assembly Room Bridge

full disclosure or whatever: I've been both Condoleezza Rice and Lieutenant Uhura for Halloween in the past.

anyway, it looks like I only had three ideas after all, so I guess you should only give me a little over one-third of 1.88 billion dollars and seven years.

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