Friday, September 28

this one goes out to the one I left. behind.

it's safe to say that Cat has seen better days. according to Roomate, Inc. he walked backwards for ten minutes trying to get out of that thing. poor guy. keep him in your prayers. anyway, this one's for Cat, to let him know that it could be worse.

ways it could be worse:

knife collar [dangerous] / [sharp]

clown collar [scary]

horse collar [stampede] / [risk of stampede]

fish collar [contains fatally high levels of mercury, which you don't understand because you're a cat, so you go ahead and eat your way out of this because you are a cat and it is fish that is tied to your face.] / [scary]

GET WELL SOON !!11!!1!!!1!


petra said...

Einstein! When did he get so big?? Has he entered his awkward teen angst years yet?

maggie said...

did he get his peen cut off? why isn't he allowed to bend his head/clean hisself?

Unknown said...

i like how only nerdy-cat-loving friends of sachar commented on this post... and that would make 3.

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